Hi folks!

I just rebuilt the whole page and it was a mess. Right now I'm working on the translation but it takes time... which I don't have.

So please be patient... one day I'll finish it!

About me


To introduce myself to those who don't know me yet, I tried to write some profile. Who does know me, may even find some unknown detail.

  • Born in Mülheim, Germany the 13th of July 78
  • Time in Kindergarten and primary was scaringly normal (including running away from home and having the first really true love in Kindergarten!)
  • Since secondary school always between common an radical, depends who you ask!
  • some activities in cvil protection and youth politics
  • vegetarian and vegan past. In germany I may switch again one day. In countries like this it's not really necessary to join in the mass slaughter!
  • First political frustration due to repeated discharge as class representative in secondary school.
  • Secondary school degree
  • Job-training as electronics technician, including the higher german degree for university
  • Civil services in a workshop for disabled people
  • Started (and aborted) studying electronics on university
  • Technical service in a company for event technology (the real Rock 'n' Roll)
  • packing sweets, staying at a conveyor-belt
  • PLC-programmer and electronic technician in water and waste-water technology
  • Hobbies are: bike travelling, working on motor-bikes, photography, music (listening only), and some other stuff
  • recent status: single and straying around
  • recent status: happy in a relationship
  • recent status: lost

That much about me in short. This type of listing might not be the most elegant but the easiest way to introduce oneself. As soon I have to discribe myself I run into trouble. For once I'll try to do it, without praising myself into the sky, nor having too much of a go on me.

Actually I'm a quite lazy bastard who needs lots of motivation to get going. But once I am moving, it's getting serious. This is a little tic of mine. If I do something I want to do it right.

Since my big escape to South America I got approved what I actually knew before. It's just a getaway, reality catches up again! I don't regret a single minute of my trip to Argentina, neither of my life over there. Now I just need to find something else, not to jump from the roof.