Hi folks!

I just rebuilt the whole page and it was a mess. Right now I'm working on the translation but it takes time... which I don't have.

So please be patient... one day I'll finish it!




... to the ultimate and one and only "I-travel-on-my-motor-bike-page"!

You wouldn't find ANY other page in the whole web, which... is taking the piss out of itself as much as this one! I'm used to be a little different, like that I as well handled my trip to argentina, the preparations for it and this page. Don't know if it's appreciated but I'd like to be just natural.

While preparing the "ultimate journey 2007/08" I bumped into lots of web pages about long distance trips, motorbike trips and technics. Lots of them were made really nice and interesting. Of course the contents repeated after a couple of pages... according to internet's law, these repetitions are mandatory. It's almost natural, otherwise there wouldn't be something like 3 million blogs about cats! Well, to fit into all of this I put one on top...

Another recapitulation of already known stuff... a little refined with my own stories, experiences, wisdoms, does and dont's.

Have fun, says... Sebastian Brunner (Tauradan, Der Brunner, »San« Sebastian, Sebastian from the Shire, The Hobbit, Hobbit-Twin, ...)

Note on my other pages

The BLOG was an idea to stay in touch with other people while living in Argentina. To tell about every day's stuff and smaller trips over there. I wasn't really hard working on it all the time. Mostly it's in german, later I switched to English (due to obvious complaints). Basically it is suspended but still online. I'll keep it like that, there are some pictures and hopefully nice stories to be found.

The PHOTO BLOG finally needs some work to be done and a good amount of updates. I'd love to do it, I'm kind of itchy about but there's no time!